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  Association of Greek communities in the Czech Rep. ...  



The Association of Greek Communities in the Czech Republic (AGCCR) is a non-profit organization including 11 Greek Communities.


Main activities of the AGCCR:
- Supporting friendly relations among the Greeks living in the Czech Rep. and Czechs

  in the field of culture and society.
- Development of the Greek identity through cultural and educational events.
- Preservation and development of Greek language.
- Development of relations with the mother land including the social and financial help.
- Arranging of lectures and courses leading to learn more about the traditional and modern   

  Greek culture.
- Arranging of folk and dance events, sports events, publishing and working with children and

The association supports the cultural and educational activities of the Greek Communities and cooperates with state and local authorities in the Czech Rep. and Greece. All the members regularly participate at meetings.

Activities of the association are supported by:
The Ministry of Culture of the CR, The Ministry of Education of the CR, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, regional and local authorities and sponsors.




Christos Bialas
SPC J49,
794 01 Krnov
Czech Republic


+420 554 611 962
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